Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Max Edling’s “Mongrel Kind of Government”


Max Edling’s wonderful essay “‘A Mongrel Kind of Government’: The U.S. Constitution, the Federal Union, and the Origins of the American State” completely turns on its head the popular perception the Constitution of the United States is a drastic departure from the Articles of Confederation. Perceptively, Edling demonstrates the Constitution is simply the next logical step from the Articles, with only one fundamental difference between the two charter documents. Both the Articles and the Constitution limit the federal government to international and “intraunion” matters while leaving all else to the respective states. As such, the federal government was designed to “complement, not compete with, the states.”1 More pointedly, the Constitution is so similar to the Articles, Edling notes, the document merely allows “the national government to better exercise the powers it already possessed.”2

Read the rest at my Microsoft Docs:

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