A collection of informative, though by no means all-encompassing, Thanksgiving links (old and new).

Historian Robert McKenzie, chair of Wheaton’s History Department and author of The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning from History, has an amazing set of essays chronicling the (real) history of Thanksgiving and how we as Americans remember and interpret it.

Food Related:

J. L. Bell at Boston 1775 has a collection of essays relating to Thanksgiving in and around the Boston area (more history-related stuff):


  • An analysis of George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation can be found here: This is an incredibly insightful and helpful analysis, though I somewhat disagree with the conclusions reached. We must be cautious in implying (or blatantly asserting) Washington was a Deist, because he was not. Brad Hart may not be suggesting this, but others do so with irresponsible frequency. However, this is not the appropriate moment to launch into that.

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