A selection of informative Christmas-related links.


  • Professor Glenn Sunshine (my former teacher) summarizing why and how Christmas has nothing to do with paganism.
  • A much more detailed explanation of how the Church determined the date for Christmas while debunking the canard the Church bogarted a pagan holiday. (Spoiler alert: Prior to the year 274, December 25 held no significance for pagans.)
  • More details on Saturnalia, paganism, and Christians “stealing” a (nonexistent) pagan holiday.
  • The real reason Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem and further evidence of the Bible’s historical accuracy (ahem, “historical accuracy” as the phrase is actually defined, as opposed to reading the Bible as a science textbook).
  • An analysis of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and their respective Christmas accounts.
American History:
  • Historian Thomas Kidd on Christmas in 1776.
  • More from Professor Kidd: Was Christmas in Revolutionary America a Drunken Bash?
  • Christmas Shopping with George Washington?
  • How do New England Congregationalists celebrate Christmas?
  • Christmas “Anticks” in Post-War Boston.
Holiday Traditions:
  • Saint Boniface and the (awesome) origin of the Christmas tree.
  • And of course, the real Santa Claus.

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